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Posted on August 8th, 2009 by Emaxxum Saccs Emaxxconco Robert P Parker

NOTE:Donation Purchases Are A Non Refunable Donation To Robert P Parker.

Greetings From Robert P Parker aka: Zerzzoz Th' Wizard

I am a freestyle guitarist and talented vocalist. Recently I have become Disabled and it is my wish to record my musical talent and put together a band to perform my lyrics, listed above in the works button. I am In Need Of Financial Donations For Musical Equipment.

Thank You For Your Support!

In The links Above You Will Find Complete List Of Equipment With Links To Guitar Center In The Financial & Eq. List Button, Also Pricing and Delivery.

To the right you will find the "Super Wish List" Links & It's Total ie: The Band Stand Items. Although if you are of the mind to make my wish happen in a big way that would be even better!! Now the start up list is very different. The equipment list is specifically designed for a similar studio set, but much less costly.

Suggested Donations Will Be Proccesed Through PAYPAL On Secure Server Layer ie: SSL. Click On Donate In The List Above

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